Excellence in Clinical Research

Renewed threats from disease, fresh challenges from debilitating conditions and the scourge of pandemics demand rapid responses and concerted efforts on a global scale. Thus, when global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies need to bring better drugs to the market faster, they need partners who can collaborate to ensure seamless development and delivery. The inherent merits of a large and diverse target pool for trials, regulatory and legal frameworks, world class infrastructure and a powerful IT and knowledge sector have ensured India’s emergence as an alliance and outsourcing destination of choice for global pharmaceutical majors across the value chain - with Clinical Research constituting a large and potent arena for partnerships.

With over 117 regulatory inspections and having completed over 2800 studies, and an impressive list of over 600 bioanalytical methods developed Lotus Labs ranks high amongst the Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) in India to take the lead in providing specialized services that are Best-In-Class. As a Clinical Research Organization, our core competencies are in the realm of planning, designing and managing Clinical Trials. Our clients include pharmaceutical majors from across the Globe. Our clinical research programs employ the latest study designs and all phases of the study conduct are managed by a team of qualified, experienced scientific personnel.

At Lotus Labs, a fully owned subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceuticals, the building blocks of our DNA are the objective of -heralding hope, the accent on nurturing excellence, the focus on ensuring regulatory compliance and the enduring belief in synergistic partnerships. This tenet finds eloquent expression in our tag line.

Lotus Labs - Centre of Excellence for Clinical Research

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