Phase I / Early Phase

Effective Conduct of Phase I Clinical Trial

Our leadership and a proven track record in the effective conduct of Phase I Clinical Trial – specifically Clinical Studies for Phase I-IV trials is reflected in the fact that Lotus Labs has strategic working relationships with reputed hospitals that ensures having access to a large database spanning diverse therapeutic areas.This ensures that we always have access to a large database spanning diverse therapeutic areas to effectively conduct Clinical Trials that would eventually further the prospects of path breaking proprietary diagnostics and therapies.
Lotus Labs has considerable experience in various dosage forms including injectables, oral dosage forms including suspensions, topical preparations, topical patches, inhalers and delayed release formulations.

Our 360° Approach to Clinical Trials Phase I

Phase I Bio equivalence Clinical facility of Lotus Labs is located at Bangalore a capacity of 74 beds, with separate areas for subject screening and blood draws, pharmacy, state-of-the-art fully equipped ICU’s and tie-up with a multi-specialty hospital in the vicinity to handle emergencies. What’s more for conducting Phase I Clinical Trial, Lotus Labs has access to a database of over 1000 Hospitals.
At Lotus Labs, our research programs employ the scientifically pertinent study designs in Clinical Pharmacology, Bioanalytical Method Development and Pharmacokinetic Analysis, conducted by a team of experienced and well-trained clinical coordinators and research associates. Our 360° approach to Clinical Trials ensures that Lotus labs become their “Partner CRO” for all their Clinical Research requirements with its entire panel of services services starting from Feasibility Studies, Volunteer Recruitment & Planning, Clinical Trial Supplies & Management, Project Management, Clinical Monitoring, Bio Statistics and Pharmacy Services – ensuring strict adherence to GCP and other international regulatory requirements.

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